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Welcome to Lambert Book House--where Bible class materials help teachers present accurate, in-depth Bible lessons to students Age-2 through Adult. Children learn and gain Bible knowledge and spiritual understanding in fun, focused, and successful ways.

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Outlooks Teen Bible Study

Fellowship Cups (Prefilled)
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Outlooks Bible Study for Teens
Outlooks Teen Bible StudyBiblical Principles For Everyday Issues--3 Year Study!
Outlooks is a comprehensive study that encourages students to search their Bibles to find the answers to today's issues. This new format presents Biblical principles and promotes discussion to help teens make the tough choices in their lives. This magazine-style format covers modern-day issues affecting teens in their everyday lives. It encourages teens to turn to God for help in times of need. See more

OT and NT Bible Classes for Youth
New Living Bible Lessons  The most complete and well-balanced teaching program available today. The Living Way teaches fundamental truths including love, kindness, humility, worship, and Christlike attitudes. The first year is devoted to a study of the Life of Christ. Year two covers Acts and the longer epistles. Year three covers the shorter epistles and Revelation. New Living Bible Lessons covers the Old Testament in a three-year cycle and presents the story with current day application. Use New Living Bible Lessons for one Bible School period each week and The Living Way for the other.


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