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Bible-Based and Accurate

Though we provide lots of activities, Lambert curriculum is Bible-based, not activity-based. We’re not just fun and games with a little Bible thrown in. Our curriculum helps you teach and learn the Bible in fun, enjoyable, and successful ways. And all material is carefully edited to ensure accuracy.

Carefully Focused Studies
Lambert materials are carefully focused. Instead of jumping from Bible book to Bible book, Lambert curriculum provides continuity with in-depth survey studies. Students build a broad understanding of Bible events and history from the creation to Jesus Christ to the beginnings of His church.

Designed for Six Age Levels
Designed for six different age levels, students who begin studying Lambert curriculum at age-2 study through the Bible six times by age-18! Each level introduces students to more advanced material, so they gain a deeper Christian understanding of the Lord’s Word and spiritual matters.

Unified Across Age-Levels
Lambert curriculum is unified across all age-levels so that every class in the congregation can study the same books of the Bible at the same time. And our new Adult Bible Study Series extends our unified approach to Old Testament and New Testament Bible studies for mature students.

Serving Christians Worldwide
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