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Great for class studies, Lambert’s Christian Studies cover topics such as stress relief, dealing with tragedy, building spiritual strength, having better relationships, advice for happy marriage, and building Christ-like attitudes.


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  The Perk Up and Listen Book   The Teenager's Guide to Life in the Church   Oh, Be Careful Little Feet   Outsider No More: The Story of Ruth  

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The Perk Up and
Listen Book

Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $9.95

This versatile collection of
tales, anecdotes, jokes,
and quotes will
help speakers, writers, &
teachers connect with
their audience. These
illustrations will truly
cause listeners to "perk
up and listen."

The Teenager's Guide
to Life in the Church

Kyle and Stan Butt, Jr.
Price: $9.95

The Bible provides the
answers to young people's
questions about Jesus and
His church. This book
leads teens to those
answers and helps them
think for themselves
about what the Bible has
to say to them in the
21st century.


Oh, Be Careful
Little Feet

Teddy Copeland
Price: $9.95

What woman doesn't like
shoes? This series includes
interesting facts about
footwear, while at the same
time dissecting serious Bible
stories where shoes played
a prominent role.


Outsider No More:
The Story of Ruth

Teddy Copeland
Price: $9.95

If you've ever buried a
loved one, felt like an
outsider, had to deal with
someone who is bitter,
or found yourself scraping
for crumbs, this study is
for you. Based on the
book of Ruth.

    Face to Face: Achieving Intimacy with God   Blessed Assurance--Hope: An Anchor of the Soul   Miriam The Art of Sistering   Surviving a Tsunami  

Face to Face: Achieving
Intimacy with God

Teddy Copeland
Price: $9.95

Lessons from the life of
Moses in a new workbook-
style format. Great for
small groups or classes.
Promotes discussion
about that most
intimate relationship
of all--you and God.


Blessed Assurance
Hope: An Anchor of
the Soul

Ruth Ann Howell
Price: $9.95

Shares the author's
feelings of doubt about
her own salvation and
her search for answers
while preparing these
comforting lessons from
God's Word.


The Art of Sistering

Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $6.95

In this moving tribute to
her older sister, Teddy
draws a parallel with Miriam
and relays attributes
essential for "sistering"
such as dependability,
unselfishness, and a
willingness to share.


Surviving a Tsunami
Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $8.95

When the storms of
life sweep into our life,
how do we react? What
do we do? Can we
survive a tsunami? If
so, how? This book
strives to answer
those questions.

    Crock Pot Living in a Pressure Cooker World   Holes in the Darkness   Playing the Hand You're Dealt   Worthy Women  

Crock Pot Living in a
Pressure Cooker World

Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $8.95

Offers practical advice on
how to turn our setting
down to LOW and
simmer in God's love and
blessings. For Christian


Holes in the Darkness
Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $7.95

Practical lessons on
fulfilling our purpose as
God's chosen people.
How to be a giver of
light in a world of
darkness. For
Christian women.


Playing the Hand
You're Dealt

Teddy Butler Copeland
Price: $7.95

Thirteen inspiring
chapters about
Christians who
triumphed over adversity
because of their
unswerving faith in God.
For strengthening
Christian faith.



Mary Alice Wilhelm
Price: $7.95

We can all be worthy
women if we set that as
a goal and work to use
the techniques God gives
us. This study is based on
groups of women like
wives, sisters, friends,
mothers, daughters, etc.

    Life, Death and Beyond        

Life, Death and Beyond
J.J. Turner
Price: $6.95

Explores fears, super-
stitions, and false
teachings about death,
developing a spiritual
attitude toward physical
death, and how to help
the bereaved in their