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Adult New Testament Studies

8-Lesson Back to the Bible Correspondence Course
A wonderful way to teach the Bible, our Back to the Bible Correspondence Course helps non-Christians learn how to become a Christian, and helps Christians increase their Bible knowledge. Each lesson teaches a specific area of the Bible. Emphasis is given to how one becomes a Christian and how to live a Christian life. A grading key and completion certificates are also available.


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Lesson 1
The Patriarchal Age

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 2
The Mosaic Age

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 3
The Christian Age

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 4
When, Where and Why
the Church Began

Dozen Price: $7.20

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Lesson 5
What Must I Do
To Be Saved?

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 6
Church Organization

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 7
The Importance of

Dozen Price: $7.20


Lesson 8
The Importance of
Christian Living

Dozen Price: $7.20

    Correspondence Course - Complete Set   Completion Certificate   Grading Key    

8-Lesson Set

Price: $4.80 per set



Pack of 25

Price: $


Grading Key

Price: $.50