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Bible Trading Cards
Kids love Bible Trading Cards! Sharing and collecting Bible Trading Cards from Lambert Book House is a natural and fun way for children to review Bible stories. Kids will remember lessons learned in Bible class like never before!

Each of Lambert's Bible Trading Cards is beautifully illustrated with colorful original artwork. The cards inspire kids to take an active interest in finding the passages in the Bible. What a great way to connect children to the actual passages! These learning tools are available exclusively from Lambert Book House. Ideal for ages 4-11. Bible Trading Card Activities

  Bible Trading Cards  
Youth Old Testament Studies

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Order in 25-card sets or 5-card packs
Available in 5-card packs and 25-card series sets, each 5-card set tells a complete Bible story. Our 25-card series sets cover five complete Bible stories:
1) Noah, Joseph, Joshua, Jonah and Nehemiah;
2) David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Nebuchadnezzar, Jesus; 3) The Good Samaritan, Jesus Feeds 4000, Jesus Heals, the Woman at the Well, and Ethiopian Treasurer; 4) Abraham, Moses, Esther, Peter, and Saul. Bible Trading Cards coordinate perfectly with Lambert's Visual Aid Story Sets for teachers.


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Bible Trading Cards Series 1
Series 1
Five 5-card packs

Noah, Joseph, Joshua, Jonah and Nehemiah
Bible Trading Cards Series 2
Series 2
Five 5-card packs

David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Nebuchadnezzar and Jesus
Bible Trading Cards Series 3
Series 3
Five 5-card packs

The Good Samaritan, Jesus Feeds 4000, Jesus Heals, Woman at the Well, Ethiopian Treasurer

Bible Trading Cards Series 4
Series 4
Five 5-card packs

Abraham, Moses Leads, Esther, Peter Walks on Water, Saul on Road to Damascus



Series 3: 25-Card Set

Price: $4.25

Good Samaritan: 5 cards
Out of Stock

Jesus Feeds: 5 cards
Price: $.95

Jesus Heals: 5 cards
Price: $.95

Woman at Well: 5 cards
Price: $.95

Ethiopian: 5 cards
Out of Stock